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Raphaël Dallaporta


Gwinzegal, 2013

240x335x33 mm
hard cardbox, 4 posters (100x68 cm), 4 posters (50x35cm), 1 contact sheet, 1 wanted notice

Presented as a box containing unbound papers, this book is more of an object which has to be discovered step by step. In 2010, Raphaël Dallaporta, with a French-Afghan team of archaelogists, makes photographs from a drone of archaeologic sites (500 BC) on the Afghan mountains. Through his practice, Dallaporta allows scientists to access to data which can not be detected from the ground. After automatic shots, the photographs are software-generated and reassembled as geometrical maps. The book Ruins offers a discovery of this rigorous almost scientifically body of work, which drives the reader to unfold himself the maps and patiently appropriate these images of an encounter between ancient and contemporary histories.

40.00 €

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