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JH Engström


Akio Nagasawa Publishing, 2017

221 x 282 ×14 mm, hardcover, 70 pages
Limited edition of 900 copies

"I do not fully understand it at first.
The gradual and painful insight into a decisive and violent shift.
The world I grew up in is under threat.
The landscapes stretch out, as beautiful and imperturbable as ever.
These landscapes have met my eyes since the day I was born.
I can no longer see them as before"

JH Engström, Smedsby September 2017

The book CRASH is based on a series of landscapes photographed close to JH Engström's home in Smedsby, Värmland in Sweden.
The collision between the hauntingly beautiful landscapes, surrounding JH Engström in his daily life, and the knowledge of what is happening in the "big world" is the emotional fuel for the book CRASH.

90.00 €

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