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Daido Moriyama

Dog and Mesh Tights

Getsuyosha, 2015

157 x 226 x 24 mm
softcover, signed copy, 500 copies, 304 pages

?The title of this book, Dog and Mesh Tights came to me suddenly one day recently as I was walking through the streets of the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo. Most of the subjects depicted here are those that I spotted on the streets, on the exterior walls of buildings or lying in the gutter during the course of my everyday life, things that tend to remain unnoticed, obscure corners of largely deserted back alleys, or human figures that linger inconspicuously - things that catch my eye but generally remain unremarked. In a way I think they can be said to resemble the world as seen through the eye of a dog?

Extract from Daido Moriyama?s afterword within Dog Mesh and Tights, 2015

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