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Artist's book 17 x 23 cm (17 x 23 cm)
Artist's book 17 x 23 cm (17 x 23 cm)
Artist's book 17 x 23 cm (17 x 23 cm)
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David Horvitz

Nostalgia 3 [unique edition with handwritten text]

Gato Negro & Edition Taube

Artist's book
Handwritten text on the cover with silver pen - description of an erased unique photograph
304 pages
17 x 23 cm

"This project is about erasure. Memory. Forgetting. Data. Archives. Etcetera."
(David Horvitz)

The passages in this book are descriptions of digital photographs that have been deleted. In a culture over-inundated and amassed with digital images and eroded attention spans, David Horvitz decided to start erasing his photo archive. This erasure became an artwork.

Nostalgia 3 is the third edition of the Nostalgia series. It presents 300 recently deleted private digital photographs of the artist, in the form of an image description, the original time of creation and its filename. All these photographs were shown and erased during the exhibition David Horvitz, The Submersion of Images held at Jean-Kenta Gauthier / Vaugirard gallery, Oct 2022 - Jan 2023.

This unique version of David Horvitz' Nostalgia artist's book is enhanced with a text written by the artist on the cover describing a photograph from his personal archive that he erased on the spot.

180.00 €

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