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Daniel Blaufuks

Lisboa Clichê

Tinta da China, 2021

120x180x30 mm, soft cover, 400 pages, signed copy

First edition

Lisboa Clichê is a vast collection of photographs taken by Daniel Blaufuks in Lisbon between the late 1980s and early 1990s, accompanied by his own writings in Portuguese as well as quotes from vairous authors. He returned three decades later with the indelible and accelerated transformation of the city. During the first confinement, Blaufuks started to publish some of these photographs on his social networks, which evolved towards the creation of the @lisboa_cliche Instagram page with the title that gave him the theme for the book and exhibition at Museu de Lisboa, sharing texts and images of spaces, environments and people from a partially lost Lisbon, between March and October 2020.

"Cliché" is associated with the photographic technique but also with images we have of places which correspond not so much to reality but rather to ideas conjured up from assumptions or idealisations. In this work, the "clichés" refer to subjective and personal significations on familiar spaces in Lisbon, regularly frequented by the author's circle of friends and acquaintances.

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