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Daniel Blaufuks

Nao Pai

Tinta da China, 2019

120x180x5 mm, softcover, 72 pages, signé

The unburdening of a son in search of a father, or when words have to be worth more than an image of absence - even for one of Portugal's most respected visual artists.
Photographs capture a presence, they fix an image. Daniel Blaufuks knows this like few others. But this book is about an absence - that of his father, who has faded away in life since Daniel was two years old -, and it is an emotional investigation made mainly with words, and through the raw and honest sharing of a long process of loss.

Nao Pai starts from the moment when a letter arrives from his father's widow announcing his death more than a month after it happened, and then travels down a path of confused memories, enormous voids, and the management of spoils-whether the lighters of a rejected inheritance list or the anguish of a photograph that will never be taken.

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