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Twelve West Coast Stations #03 - Le soleil ni la mort

11.18.2023 - 12.03.2023

Villa Ephrusi, Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat, France

27 days ago

Twelve West Coast Stations #03 ? Le soleil ni la mort crosses two moments of Stéphanie Solinas' American research: her interviews with Linda Chamberlain and Max More, founder and CEO of the Alcor Life Extension cryonics institute in Arizona, and a set of photographs she took from the six-seater plane of a Silicon Valley engineer as they flew over San Francisco at the end of the day, between a setting sun in the west and a rising full moon in the east - two stars that were therefore impossible to see at the same time, and each photo taken bears witness to the missing image of the other. The title Le soleil ni la mort (The Sun Nor Death) is borrowed from La Rochefoucauld's maxim: « Neither the sun nor death can be looked at fixedly. »