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RaphaŽl Dallaporta

Born in France in 1980, RaphaŽl Dallaporta has developed a body of work that has been acclaimed by critics and has been the subject of numerous monographic exhibitions at the Musťe de l'…lysťe (Switzerland), Foam (Netherlands), the Musťe Nicťphore Niťpce (France), and the Rencontres d'Arles (France) and Kyotographie (Japan) festivals. RaphaŽl Dallaporta is the recipient of the International Center of Photography?s Infinity Award, the Foam?s Paul Huf Award, and was resident at the French Academy in Rome - Villa Medicis. He is awarded with the Niťpce Prize in 2019. He has also completed residencies at the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (Paris) and the Centre National des Arts et Mťtiers (Paris). He produced several artist?s books with Gwinzegal and Xavier Barral …ditions. RaphaŽl Dallaporta lives in Paris.

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