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11.10.2016 - 11.13.2016

Paris Photo 2016, Grand Palais

12 days ago

We are pleased to announce our participation in Paris Photo 2016 where we will present one work only: the complete set of 138 photographs from Issei Suda's historical 'Fushikaden' series. This important body of work has never been exhibited before in its entirety.

A master street photographer born in Tokyo in 1940, Issei Suda recorded the essence of 1970's Japan and its seasonal rituals, creating extraordinary imagery from ordinary life. Suda worked from 1975 to 1978 to create his masterpiece, 'Fushikaden'. The title of this major work refers to a Noh theater's treaty written by Zeami in the early 15th century. In Issei Suda's art, it stands for a metaphor of Japan's essence. Through 'Fushikaden', Suda captured the daily life, the charm and also the humour of Japanese people. While most of the photographs were made during 'matsuri' (Japanese traditional and popular festivals), 'Fushikaden' is above all a masterpiece of street photography where Issei Suda excells in creating a visual and symbolic language with improvised situations and magnificent portraits.

Suda's 'Fushikaden' was originally published in 1978 by Asahi Sonorama, with a selection of 100 images out of the intended 138. In 2012, Akio Nagasawa Publishing published the entire series, offering 'Fushikaden' in its entirety 34 years after Suda's first edition.

Only two complete sets of 138 prints each exist. Both vary in size and therefore are unique. For Paris Photo 2016, we present the set composed of 138 16x20 inches prints.

Paris Photo
Secteur Prismes, booth P3
10-13 novembre 2016
Grand Palais

Issei Suda, 'Fushikaden' (1975-78), installation view, Grand Palais, 2016 © Martin Argyroglo
the complete set of 138 gelatin silver, printed 2012
each 20 x 16 in./ 50,8 x 40,6 cm, overall dimensions variable