Rio Buenaventura

[En résidence]

JKG Vaugirard

March 29 - May 11

Jean-Kenta Gauthier Vaugirard
4 rue de la Procession  75015 Paris

By appointment only.

Until May 11, Stéphanie Solinas takes over our Vaugirard gallery as a residence for her work Rio Buenaventura.

On a roulette table from the Golden Gate casino in Las Vegas, Stéphanie Solinas created Rio Buenaventura, a hybrid game whose name refers to a mythical river that the first maps of the American West situated from the Rocky Mountains to the bay of San Francisco, to go from adventures to stories through images, objects and words that she gathered from mystic Sedona to Silicon Valley.
This game is conceived as the limited edition of her recently published book Self plus,, Itinerary for Becoming Oneself (L'Etre plus, Itinéraire pour Devenir soi-même, Seuil / Fiction & Cie, Paris, 2023), which explores the current invention of the augmented human on the US West Coast, between science and belief.

The Becoming Oneself project is a group of works organized as a network. Its basic principle is to move forward.