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Talk with Jérôme Sother, co-director of Gwinzegal


National School of Photography, Arles

25 days ago

The GwinZegal Center for Art and Research, co-directed by Jérôme Sother, defines itself as a working platform to tackle the different facets of photography which is created, produced, diffused, made the object of studies, is published, is collected in our contemporary society.

As part of the meeting at the ENSP, Jérôme Sother will be accompanied by the photographer Raphaël Dallaporta. They will engage in a discussion around the Gwinzegal Publishing House and the relationship between an author and his publisher.




National School of Photography : 16 rue des Arènes BP 10149, 13631 Arles Cedex


Gwinzegal website


photo : Ruins, Raphaël Dallaporta, éditions Gwinzegal (2013