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Our arrangements with time

05.09.2023 - 09.17.2023

INHA - Galerie Colbert, Paris

9 days ago

The exhibition Our Arrangements with Time, an artistic proposal of the Master of Art History of the University of Paris Nanterre, with the support of the Antoine de Galbert Foundation, and the Jean-Kenta Gauthier Gallery.

As early as 1962, George Kubler questioned the "forms of time" in art history. Artists have never stopped using them. Time of automata, horoscopes, clocks, time of pose, time of attention, social time, time put into words, reversed time, time-perspective, personal time and the myth of collective time. Chosen during the seminar, the works presented are all arrangements to which the public, students, teacher-researchers and passers-by in the Colbert gallery will respond.

Raphaël Dallaporta's Astrarium (2020) is a metaphorical arrangement of the non-linear nature of progress. Each photograph is the result of setting in motion a dial of the Astrarium, the oldest clock known in history, made in the Middle Ages by Giovanni Dondi. It disappeared during the Renaissance and has recently been reconstructed. The retrogrades of the planets - the sidesteps of time - are highlighted with the help of a light source and long exposure times.
In the rotunda, Dallaporta's PREDIRE/DEPERIR (2022) offers its anagrammatic play on the base of Nanteuil's Eurydice (1822): "Dépérir" is for utopias twice lost.